It should be clear to you at this point that it is entirely possible to pay off large sums of debt. And, just in case you missed it…the only way to do that is to make some money.

When I first started down the journey to soul-crippling debt, it was as a lark. I had three small kids. I was bored. I started spending more money than I had (which was basically none) – and the new stuff I brought home made me feel better about myself.

Then it got progressively worse as I took on a boatload of mystery shopping gigs in an effort to bring in extra cash (and get new stuff in the process) – but for me, it was a big mistake.

But what really turned the whole thing around for me was finding something that made me feel fulfilled…AND brought in money at the same time.

Where and how do you find such a thing?

Unfortunately, trial and error are going to be your best guides. But this is the absolute number one question that I always get, and since I’ve been there, done that with a lot of them – I’ll give you a leg up on where to get started.

Numero Uno: Virtual Assistant

This requires very little in the way of overhead. If you have a computer (preferably a laptop) and an internet connection, you are good to go. There are courses out there that teach you how to do many of the tasks you need to learn, but truth be told, if you are a smart cookie, you can figure most of it out. Though, I wouldn’t recommend making your first client your guinea pig (that could end very badly).

The great thing about the programs you use as a Virtual Assistant is that they all have online tutorials. And they make it so easy anyone could use the program.

I convinced my very first client (we met via Craigslist 9 years ago – I don’t recommend finding clients that way anymore, though…) that I had the skillset he needed. I had worked as an administrative assistant for a couple of years before I had kids, so I knew I could handle it. But I did not know much about how to do it all virtually. It worked out though – and I worked with him for two years. As I took on other clients over that period, it got to a place that he was paying me very little compared to my other clients, and stressing me out about 100 million times more, so we had to part ways. But it was a great place to start.

Warning: If you struggle to do even simple tasks on a computer, this is not your thing. Not to make you feel bad, or anything – but if you require hand-holding, you will not be successful with this gig. 


Number Two: Bookkeeper/Accounting

I will begin this by saying that this is not something I have ever done. Because I straight up suck at such things (as evidenced by my strong resistance to budgeting and other things related to numbers). However, I know several people who do this kind of thing, and are killing it.

And bonus, in that you can find both local and remote clients who need someone who excels with numbers and loves the tax code.

If you are good with this stuff, there is a huge market of entrepreneurs out there who need your services.


Number Three: Web Design/Development

Obviously, this is my bread and butter at the moment. I do not have a degree in web design. I am totally and completely self/google taught, and though business ebbs and flows, I’ve been making a decent living doing just this for the last five years.

I use WordPress exclusively to build websites, mostly for entrepreneurs. I use WordPress because it’s very user-friendly, and easy to build/design and then hand off to the client with very little instruction from me.

It allows me to be creative…make something I’m proud of…and make the internet a prettier place, all at the same time.

There is a pretty big learning curve with this one. No, that’s not exactly right. WordPress is easy to use, and there are loads of tutorials out there. Themes are abundant, and easy to install. And to get started, all you have to do is jump in. BUT, when you get to a stage when you are wanting to do more custom work, or you need to customize things to suit clients, you are going to have to dig in deeper. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you think it sounds interesting, I’d give it a shot. Buy a domain, make a site for yourself, and just see how it all works.


Number Four: Copywriting

Got a way with words? Copywriting is a great gig if you know how to make the words flow.

It can take a little time to break into this and you’ll probably have to do some free work to build up your portfolio, but it’s a well-paying job. Most people find it difficult to write anything, let alone the copy for their website, and if you have a gift for this – you can make some serious cash.

The only problem I’ve ever had with writing for other people is that they know what they want to say, they just can’t get it down in words. Which, for me, has sometimes resulted in long recorded phone calls to get down their ideas.

Writing can be a time-consuming, deadline oriented process. And if you don’t have the time, or don’t do well with deadlines, it might not be a good one for you.


Number Five: Travel Reservations

Even with things out there like Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity – there are tons of people out there who still would rather make their bookings with a live person. If you google it, you can find tons of hotels/cruise lines/travel companies who are looking for reservationists.

In fact, I just saw last night that Hyatt is hiring for just this kind of thing. And training starts on the 28th of this month (September).

You generally have to be available between certain hours of the day, and you have to have proper equipment plus a good attitude and the ability to deal with people (which is not possible for everyone).

Believe me, this is not by any means a comprehensive list. There are tons of other jobs out there. And the bigger the internet gets, the smaller our world gets. I work with people from all over the globe. And it’s all thanks to the internet.

If you want the work, you can find it. If you have the drive, you will be rewarded.

You will have that debt paid off in no time.