Were you aware the only plausible way for a woman to pay off an astronomical amount of debt is via prostitution?

Yeah, I didn’t either.

But that’s what someone actually said about me. I guess stripping isn’t an option for moms, but turning tricks makes sense.

Unfortunately, it was much less exciting, and took a heck of a lot more work than it would have had I thought of that prostitution idea.

Another guy made a bunch of comments about it being stupid to be in that much debt.

Well, duh.

As if I didn’t spend so much time agonizing over the idiocy of my own actions. As if I haven’t sat and berated myself and generally felt like a moron for doing it.

But, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it over and over again, the debt was painful, but I believe 100% that it was not a mistake. It forced me down a path that I would not have gone down on my own. One that made me teach myself how to run an online business. One that led me to meeting key people in the internet marketing world. One that led me to learning how to design websites. And, one that ultimately led to my husband leaving a job he hated so that he could start his own construction business.

And if we’re going to get real deep, I’m going to tell you that I paid it off ALL BY MYSELF.

My husband and I have separate budgets, because that’s the way we roll. We split the household expenses, and He did not give me a dime to pay off the debt. I not only paid off my debt, but I paid my half of the budget too.

I also worked about 90 hours a week to do it.

The point in all of this is that there is no easy answer. It was not easy. It hurt. And I missed a lot of time with my kids that I can’t get back. But I paid it off.

You don’t have to believe my story – but if you are in the same spot I was in, have hope. You can get out of it. It is possible. You don’t have to live with the shame of being in debt, and you absolutely cant pay it off – you just have to find creative solutions, and sometimes cut your spending for awhile.

And you don’t have to have a pimp to do it.